Global Tension For Brangelina

Brad pitt corbis getty

BRAD PITT is flipping out over ANGELINA JOLIE taking their children to danger zones!

“He loves that Angie wants to do her humanitarian work, and it’s great that she wants to bring their kids along to learn about the world,” a family friend told All The Buzz. “But he’s worried sick about their safety!”

The actress has already taken 9-year-old Shiloh to visit Syrian and Iraqi refugee camps in Turkey this summer, and they dropped in for a visit to war-torn Lebanon.

Then Angelina took 14-year-old son Maddox to a refugee camp in stricken Myanmar!

“He knows there’s nothing he can do about Angie putting herself in harm’s way,” said the insider. “But he doesn’t think Angie should be taking children to global hot spots!”