Mike Walker

Secret Big Stink Behind George & Amal’s Flight

The embarrassingly untold story behind the perfect parents!

george clooney twins fatherhood flight
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Mike Walker reports… It was a stinky situation for George Clooney during a transatlantic trip with his wife Amal and their adorable twin tots, Alex and Ella!

“Before becoming a hands-on daddy, George always cringed when other people’s babies started wailing on planes,” spilled my mile-high spy in the sky.

“So on a recent L.A. to London flight, he surprised first class passengers, handing out pricey noise-cancelling headphones and apologizing for any crying fits in advance.”

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That act of kindness got George and Amal some good press, too — but the grateful passengers didn’t reveal the revolting twist to the celeb encounter!

“No one made a huge stink,” said my spy, “but his twins sure did!

“Naturally, the babies let loose and made some messy smelly diaper deposits. George joked to a fellow traveler: ‘Next flight, I need to pass out nose clips and air freshener!’”