Mike Walker

George Clooney: Panic Attack Over Sympathetic Pregnancy

Pub-crawling star freaks out while pregnant wife sits home!

george clooney twins amal pregnant

Mike Walker Reports… Frantic George Clooney went red-faced and loony — suffering a bizarre “sympathetic pregnancy” hiccup attack while out bending elbows with bros at a swanky West Hollywood hot spot!

Soon-to-be first-time daddy George has been so tense and worried about pregnant-with-twins wife Amal Clooney that she insisted he go pub-crawling with pals to take his mind off her and relax,” a spy told The National ENQUIRER.

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But soon after Clooney and his pals sat down, George erupted in a nonstop hiccup attack! Being guys, they erupted in guffaws — until it began to look like the star’s spasmodic “hics” wouldn’t stop!

“The guys tried everything — from forcing him to guzzle water while keeping his nose pinched, to telling racy jokes to startle him. Finally, the hiccups let up by themselves, and a very relieved George admitted to the guys that his ‘sympathy pregnancy problems’ sometimes get so bad he can literally feel the kids kicking — in his own belly!”