Orange Glow!

George Clooney’s Fake-Tan Fiasco

Screen star needs beauty tips!

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George Clooney’s turned orange — and the bogus tan’s so bad that snickering residents in Lake Como, Italy, say he looks like one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas!

“You don’t get that tangerine color from sunning yourself all day like he would have you think,” quipped one local.

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“He’s been compared to Cary Grant and his deep, dark tan — but George owes his to a home tan solution, not the sun!”

Oddly, the Oscar winner skips hiring a professional to apply the faux color, instead choosing to take on the messy task personally — with horrible results!

“It’s all patchy,” laughed the source,“because he forgets the cardinal rule that you have to moisturize before fake baking!”

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Those closest to the “Ocean’s 11” actor are perplexed as to why he even needs to use self-tanner — because the new father already has a natural olive skin tone.

“It could be the middle of a freezing winter,” said a snitch, “but George will have a gorgeous tan. He’s not fooling anyone!”