Kelly McGillis has come out of the closet as a lesbian, but The ENQUIRER has learned the Top Gun star’s top secret – she just broke up with her girlfriend!

The 51-year-old Witness star bought a home in New Jersey with Genevieve Witt, 50, but the twosome is toast.

"My daughter was involved in a romantic relationship with Kelly McGillis," Witt’s mother, who is also named Genevieve Witt, told The ENQUIRER.

"But it’s over, and she no longer lives with Kelly."

A neighbor confirms Kelly lives alone in Collingswood, N.J., and is renovating her house,

Kelly recently outed herself in an online interview with, revealing that she’s looking for a new relationship. "Definitely a woman," McGillis said, adding that she’s "done with the man thing."

Kelly split from her third husband, businessman Fred Tillman, in 2002 and moved to Pennsylvania Dutch country. They have two daughters – Sonora, 16, and Kelsey, who turns 19 this month.

While the actress never hid her sexuality from her close friends and family, Kelly decided that now was a good time to come out, said the pal. To celebrate, she’s hosting a Gay Pride Weekend in New Hope, Pa., in mid-May.

"Kelly has been at peace with being gay for a long time," the pal confided. "She’s said this is the most exciting and honest chapter of her life."