Despite bedding over 1,000 women, Hollywood tough guy HUMPHREY BOGART feared he might be gay and contemplated suicide.

Sexually voracious and habitually cheating before wedding a teen LAUREN BACALL in 1945, Bogart bedded over a 1,000 women including many silver screen legends. 

Notches on the bedpost include Teutonic temptress MARLENE DIETRICH,BETTE DAVIS, JEAN HARLOW and his Casablanca costar INGRID BERGMAN.

Yet, he still harbored fears he might still secretly be gay, claimed thebook,  Humphrey Bogart, the Making of a Legend, by Darwin Porter.

Based on unpublished memoirs and interviews with some of the actor's contemporaries, the book alleges that Bogart, the secret son of privilege, was beaten by his father, a Park Avenue surgeon, who whelped him in the face splitting his lip and giving Bogie his memorable lisp.

Bogart's first marriage to a Broadways actress was rocked by rumors of lesbian affairs and ended quickly even during the Roaring Twenties where bathtub gin and promiscuity was the order of the day.

Porter alleges in the book during Bogie's second marriage to actress Mary Philips, Bogart began to doubt his own sexuality, becoming impotent –riddled with a suicidal rage that nearly made him kill himself

Despite marrying Bogart, Phillips insisted on openly maintaining previous relationships with her lovers right in front of Bogart!  The haughty free-lover spent the night before wedding Bogie with one of her lovers.

According to the book, Bogart told a pal, "When I can't perform she mocks and ridicules me. I should never have married her."

Bogart's marriage to his third wife, Mayo Methot, was a torrid boozy battle across Hollywood.  The crazed  Methot actually stabbed him him with a butcher knife.

As his screen star was on the rise, Bogart found himself a busy boy in the boudoirs of Hollywood.

At a one party he was marched upstairs by Marlene Dietrich to her secret chambers, the book claims, and his first attempt to seduce young costar Bette Davis was interrupted when Bette's mother caught them in the act, throwing young Bogie out of their house, screaming he was "a slave to your genitalia!."

It wasn't until he met and wed teen temptress and cover girl model LAUREN BACALL on the set of To Have and Have Not in 1944 That Bogart found true love.

He made Lauren "Betty" Bacall  his fourth and final wife until his death in 1957 from cancer.