Gasbag Vin Diesel’s Toxic Cloud!

EXCLUSIVE: Fast and Furious Filming in Edinburgh, Scotland
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Tyrannical Vin Diesel’s bloated ego has triggered chaos on the Fast & Furious 10 set — driving the director to quit, increasing costs and leaving the long-awaited action sequel in doubt.

Sources snitch the 54-year-old muscleman’s pigheadedness and slack attitude led director Justin Lin to suddenly walk out — despite a $10 million-plus paycheck!

Lin’s abrupt departure comes just weeks after the National ENQUIRER revealed how vain Vin couldn’t convince A-listers to do cameos on the project following former co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s refusal to return.

“Vin has alienated a lot of folks,” declares an insider. “He insists on being front and center with every decision, but he doesn’t lead by example.”

Before Lin bailed, former bar bouncer Diesel — a.k.a. Mark Sinclair — had been showing up late on set, flubbing his lines and driving his co-stars Jason Momoa, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Charlize Theron and Brie Larson up a wall, snitches tattle.

Now, the director’s leaving “has been a real shock for everyone, since he was popular and a genius coordinator with a great reputation,” the insider says.

“But evidently he couldn’t take working with Vin one more day, even if it cost him a fortune to walk away.”

With Lin gone, studio bigwigs are shelling out up to $1 million in wages per day as they search for a new director, leaving the whole project in limbo, according to sources.

All turmoil’s being blamed on Diesel, who “has an uphill mountain to climb now, if he’s going to win back the respect of his bosses and colleagues,” says the insider.

“The hope is that this serves as a wake-up call and he drops the bad attitude, hits the gym and takes a long hard look at himself in the mirror.”

Sources predict “the movie will almost certainly get finished” because “there’s too much at stake. But Vin’s made it a major nightmare, and an expensive one at that.”