INSIDE MATT LAUER's cozy 20-minute cruise with ‘SMOKING HOT’ BLONDE before meeting up with his wife!

Notorious womanizer Matt Lauer may have some new explaining to do to his long-suffering wife, Annette Roque!

Exclusive photos obtained by The National ENQUIRER show the skirt-chasing “Today” show host relaxing on his boat with a mystery blonde in New York’s glitzy resort area, the Hamptons, on July 8.

An eyewitness told The ENQUIRER that Matt and the woman “acted suspicious” after they noticed a photographer snapping their picture. “If they didn’t have anything to hide, then why did the girl duck and try to cover her head to avoid being photographed?” said the eyewitness.

“Matt also acted like he’d been busted. After spotting the photographer, he quickly pulled his boat up to the dock and dropped the lady off before gunning the boat back out onto the water.

“He acted like he couldn’t get her off the boat fast enough!

“Certainly, with his reputation as a womanizer, Matt is going to have some new explaining to do to Annette.”

The eyewitness said Matt’s boat ride with the woman lasted about 20 minutes, and described the NBC morning anchor’s gal pal as a “smoking hot blonde who didn’t appear to be much older than 30, but could have been as young as 25.”

To make the incident more mysterious, the 56-year-old TV journalist later returned to the dock in his 37-foot Hinckley and met up with his wife, Annette, 48, at the boat slip in the Mill Creek Marina in the Hamptons village of Sag Harbor.

“There was no warm greeting between Matt and Annette – no hugging or kissing or any other public display of affection,” the eyewitness revealed.

“And instead of taking Annette and the friends she was with for a spin on the water, ‘Captain’ Matt hopped on his moped scooter, while Annette drove her group away in her car.” A friend of Lauer’s said: “Matt was on vacation with his family all last week. That’s a longtime family friend.”

Whether Lauer is up to his old tricks remains to be seen, but the father of three – who earns $21.5 million a year and owns several luxury properties in the Hamptons – has a long history of reported cheating scandals. Just two years after their 1998 wedding, Annette learned that Matt had an affair with married 26-year-old Jessica Thorman while they were engaged. The Dutch model also filed for divorce from Matt while pregnant with their youngest child in September 1996 amid rumors that Matt had been involved with “Today” colleague, 42-year-old Natalie Morales, during the coverage of the Winter Olympics. Annette withdrew the paperwork just a month a later.

And as The ENQUIRER reported last summer, Matt was “obsessed” with a 20-year-old college coed, who’d made several appearances on “Today” to discuss social issues. Matt had also reportedly been sending the young student flirty texts, and even whisked her away to a swanky Big Apple hotel for lunch.