Frank Sinatra Asked The Mob To Whack Woody Allen

Sinatra ne short

Frank Sinatra tried to convince his gangster pals to kill director Woody Allen for betraying Mia Farrow!

That’s the shocking revelation in a new book by David Evanier about the Oscar winning director, who hooked up with Mia after she divorced Ol’ Blue Eyes in 1968.

According to the book, “Woody: The Biography,” Mia cried on Frank’s shoulder after discovering Allen cheated on her with adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, whom he later wed.

Mia also believed Allen abused her 7-year old daughter, the author wrote.

David said the Chairman of the Board’s response was to order the “Annie Hall” director murdered by the mob!

But the gangsters resisted, and Sinatra simply didn’t have “the juice” to convince New York underworld bosses to take out Allen — so there were no bullets over Broadway!