Frank Sinatra ‘Was A Cocaine Gang Overlord!’

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Frank Sinatra hid an extraordinary double life — as a crooner and drug kingpin!

In a diabolical new disclosure, The National ENQUIRER has learned that the son of late cocaine baron Pablo Escobar claimed the singer was a member of the Colombian cartel.

“He was a partner of my father,” Sebastián Marroquín confirmed.

In his book “The Accountant’s Story,” Pablo’s brother, Roberto Escobar, even detailed a story about Frank dining with the violent drug lord in Las Vegas in 1983.

“There were more singers than you can imagine who began their careers due to the sponsorship of narco- traffickers,” Sebastián said.

Now an anti-drug crusader, Sebastián has disavowed his father.

“My father’s misdeeds are glamorized — with the money, power, guns, women,” Sebastián said.

Pablo died in a shootout at age 44 in 1993. Frank died five years later at 82.