Frank Sinatra Didn’t Go All The Way

Frank sinatra ne short

Frank Sinatra slept with hundreds, if not thousands, of women—but Ol’ Blue Eyes’ charm wasn’t irresistible!

A new book, “Sinatra: The Chairman” by James Kaplan , reveals the singer was particularly unlucky between his 1957 divorce from Ava Gardner and his 1964 hookup with much younger Mia Farrow.

It wasn’t for lack of trying, though!

Frank chased songbird Billie Holiday, his biggest musical influence, but couldn’t get to first base with the notorious drug addict.

When he flirted with her in 1959 as she lay in a Harlem hospital, the jazz legend told him, “Will you cut the s–t, baby, and get me some dope?”

And when Frank proposed to socialite Edith Mayer Goetz, she famously replied, “Why, Frank—I couldn’t marry you!

“You’re nothing but a hoodlum!”

That’s life!