Tragic End!

Frank Sinatra’s Drugged-Out Final Days

Struggling star was in tears over last concerts!

frank sinatra sad final years
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Frank Sinatra spent his final days confused, emotional and dependent on mood-adjusting drugs, according to a shocking new book on“Ol’ Blue Eyes!”

“He was on a first-generation antidepressant for all the years I knew him,” longtime manager Eliot Weisman wrote in “The Way It Was: My Life With Frank Sinatra.”

“The side effects could include vision difficulties and memory loss.”

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While performing with Natalie Cole in Japan in 1994, the singer, then 79, forgot “entire chunks” of lyrics.

When Eliot warned him the drugs affected his performance, Sinatra’s reaction was heart-wrenching.

“He started to weep,” wrote Weisman.