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Frank Sinatra Drove Robert Davi To Drink

Tough-guy-turned crooner had a phenomenal first!

roger davi frank sinatra tribute
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Robert Davi found fame as a tough guy in “Die Hard” and on “The Profiler” — but he didn’t have a shot of booze until the night he was hanging out with Frank Sinatra!

“It was this place in Little Italy on Mulberry Street at two in the morning,” recalled Davi, who might still be best known as Bond villain Franz Sanchez in 1989’s “Licence to Kill.”

The two were filming 1977’s “Contract on Cherry Street,” said Davi, when “Sinatra looked at me and said, ‘Robert, have a drink.’”

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Then in his mid-20s, Davi replied he didn’t drink.

“You don’t drink, you’re fired,” Sinatra snapped.

Wisely, Davi replied: “I’ll have what you’re having.”

Ol’ Blue Eyes grabbed a 
bottle of Jack Daniels, “poured two fingers” in a glass with ice and water, handed it to Davi and said, “Here’s your drink. This will get you where you want to 
go without getting you hurt.”