Frail Queen Paralyzed By Pain!

Audience at Windsor Castle, UK - 16 Feb 2022
Steve Parsons/WPA Pool/Shutterstock

Frail and faltering Queen Elizabeth sparked new fears she’s facing the end when she publicly admitted — for the first time — her health is failing and she can’t walk!

Leaning heavily on a cane and trying to put on a brave face, the 95-year-old monarch appeared paralyzed by pain during an official meeting at Windsor Castle.

Pointing to her left leg and foot, the rail-thin ruler told visiting government officials, “As you can see, I can’t move!”

“Her confession shocked the palace,” a high-level source tells The National ENQUIRER.

“They’ve been desperately downplaying concerns about her health for months — and she just ripped the lid off her secret struggles.”

“She mustered a smile for her official visitors trying to hide her agony — but she couldn’t disguise her shocking weight loss.”

“Frankly she looked skin and bones — prompting even more worry about her.”

“There are fears she won’t make it to summer’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations marking her historic 70 years on the throne.”

Speculation about the queen’s health exploded after her husband, Prince Philip, 99, died last April.

Forced to cancel trips to Ireland and Scotland “to rest,” she was rushed for a hush-hush overnight stay in the hospital in October. No reason was given, fueling accusations of a royal cover-up.

She came down with COVID last month, but officials insists the queen has turned the corner.

“The palace wants to keep her health secret, but Her Majesty just told the world the truth even as she faces some of the darkest days of her life,” says the royal insider.