Frail Nancy Reagan’s Vigil As Son Michael Clings to Life

Nancy reagan ne short

Feeble Nancy Reagan has rushed to the hospital bedside of her late husband’s adopted son.

Michael Reagan, 70, is battling for his life after suffering a heart attack and stroke — and despite being at death’s door, the 94-year-old former first lady insisted on seeing him, a close source revealed to The National ENQUIRER.

“Nancy has always felt a special bond with Michael, who is the protector of his father’s legacy,” the source said.

Michael was adopted as an infant by the former president and his then-wife, actress Jane Wyman, and headed The Reagan Legacy Foundation.

A popular figure on talk radio and conservative news programs, Michael collapsed while running in the Long Beach Marathon on Oct. 11. Fellow runners found him on the ground and called for medical help, said the source.

“Michael had suffered a stroke, and while he was being treated, he had a heart attack,” revealed the informant.

“It had been kept hush-hush. Michael’s reps indicated that he was ‘on vacation,’ but he’s been in a life-and-death battle.”

In a 2004 book, “Twice Adopted,” Michael, who has two children with second wife Colleen, expressed disappointment in the family, sparking a feud.

But with Michael in a California hospital, Nancy has been urging her kids — Patti Davis, 63, and Ron Jr., 57 — to put aside their differences and visit him.

“Nancy is the peacemaker,” said the source. “She’d like to see them mend fences in the wake of Michael’s medical emergency.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in February, Nancy’s physical strength is failing and she’s mostly confined to a wheelchair.

“Thanks to Nancy, the family is setting aside hard feelings,” the insider added. 

“They all used to fight like cats and dogs, but Michael’s condition has brought everyone together.”