Pop Betrayal!

How Fleetwood Mac Stiffed Sheryl Crow

'All I Wanna Do' star betrayed by Lindsey Buckingham!

fleetwood mac lindsey buckingham sheryl crow
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Fleetwood Mac is going on tour without Lindsey Buckingham — after the star screwed over hitmaker Sheryl Crow by blacklisting her from the band!

Stevie Nicks was gung-ho about inviting Sheryl to join the band as members first talked about another reunion in 2017. Insiders, however, reported that Lindsey put an end to that idea.

“I wish I could’ve,” said Sheryl, after word leaked about the decision.

“I felt like if there was gonna be bad blood when I joined, that perhaps maybe I shouldn’t. I didn’t want to upset something that was already beautiful.”

But now Sheryl has been burned again, despite having topped the charts with hits like “All I Wanna Do” and “If It Makes You Happy” before moving on to a country career.

Instead, Lindsey has reportedly been fired from the band, with former Crowded House singer Neil Finn as his replacement. Longtime Tom Petty sideman Mike Campbell will also be with the band on guitar.

That’s bad news for Sheryl — who, as recently as last summer, said: “I would still love to do it. I’m putting that out there!”