A federal grand jury is convening to investigate former presidential candidate John Edwards in connection with possible campaign finance violations related to paying his mistress, Rielle Hunter, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

At least four former Edwards campaign workers recently received secret subpoenas to testify in Raleigh, N.C., according to a close source in Washington, D.C.

One witness has confirmed receipt of the government document and has already contacted a lawyer, according to the source.

Two major federal agencies – the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service – are involved in the investigation, divulged the source.

"The federal grand jury will determine if there’s reason to bring any charges. No one’s accusing John Edwards or anyone else in his campaign of breaking any laws – but there wouldn’t be this type of activity if someone at a high level didn’t have suspicions."
The source said: "The federal grand jury will investigate whether Edwards secretly funneled campaign funds to his former mistress and want to know if Edwards used money donated to his 2008 presidential campaign to pay the woman for her silence about the affair."

Another insider with ties to the FBI confirmed: "There’s word within the bureau that this is taking place."

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