Fears As Barbara Walters Falters!

Fear as walters falters ne short

Tragic TV news star Barbara Walters faces dying alone — with just her limo driver at her side!

But the 86-year-old wants to limp her way out of retirement — and back on to gabfest “The View,” which she founded, in order to save the show before it gets axed!

Insiders told The National ENQUIRER Barbara has been seeking out her pals for advice on whether such a full-time return is a smart idea.

“She created it, and to see the show turn into this hodgepodge of topics — which constantly gets press — upsets her,” a source said. “She doesn’t want to see it canceled and thinks she’s the only one who can save it.”

But a second insider said it will be her deteriorating faculties and physical state that end up deciding the matter.

The former “ABC News” reporter turned 86 on Sept. 25, and has slowly vanished from the New York City gossip columns she once dominated.

“When she does venture out, there are whispers Barbara just doesn’t seem like herself,” one eyewitness revealed, while another said Barbara appeared dazed at a recent event and needed to be propped up.

What’s more, The ENQUIRER has learned that, with no man in her life, Barbara has had to resort to leaning on her limo driver when going out in public — literally!

While an associate of Barbara’s told The ENQUIRER there’s absolutely no romance between the star and her driver/bodyguard, she’s constantly been spotted arm-in-arm with the grim-faced man.

“It’s sad,” said one source. “She’s all alone in that ritzy Manhattan apartment, and she really needs help getting around.”

The icon was spotted with the silver-haired squire at a recent Oscar de la Renta show, her arm tucked into his, and then again on the Upper East Side in the same pose.

In both cases, the chauffeur stared straight ahead with a blank gaze and looked as if he would rather be anywhere in the world but there!

“It just goes to show you that you can have all the respect and adoration and money in the world — but having someone to grow old with is a luxury you can’t really put a price on,” our source said.

Divorced three times, Barbara retired from “The View” last year and has appeared almost catatonic during recent guest appearances on the show.

“Everyone feels bad for her,” noted our insider. “After four divorces, there’s no man in her life taking care of her. She’s pretty much alone.”