FBI Caught With its Pants Down!


America’s premier law enforcement agency has been rocked by a trio of scandals involving hookers, drugs — and one senior agent who shamefully doctored attendance records to cover up he was only on the job half the time!

The ugly episodes, which only recently came to light, are outlined in FBI records exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER from the bureau’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the internal watchdog tasked with investigating wrongdoing within the elite law enforcement agency’s ranks.

The explosive documents show a senior FBI official was nabbed for having an affair with a subordinate and making at least two important “hiring or organizational decisions” involving that worker. What’s more, the wayward boss smeared other FBI agents in texts and emails and, on one occasion, even “interfered with a local police department’s response to a traffic incident involving the subordinate.”

The supervisor was ultimately assigned a “non-supervisory role pending disciplinary action,” the report states.

In a second black eye for the bureau, a supervisory special agent lied about the number of hours he worked over a three-year period — and retired rather than submit to questioning from OIG agents!

And in a third mind-boggling outrage, four FBI agents were found to have solicited and accepted sex from prostitutes — while a fifth asked for sex but apparently didn’t seal the deal!

According to the OIG, four of the G-men involved with the hookers “lacked candor” about their illicit trysts during polygraph tests — and a fifth outright lied, denying “having engaged in sex acts with a prostitute.”

The five agents were posted overseas at the time of their shenanigans “in various FBI Legal Attaché Offices,” although their names and the location of their postings were kept under wraps.

Shockingly, the reports obtained by The ENQUIRER also accuse two of those five agents of delivering “a package containing approximately 100 white pills” to a “foreign law enforcement officer.”

Two of the bureau members have since retired, two resigned and a fifth was relieved of duties, the report says.

In a statement about the prostitution scandal, the FBI insists the agents it posts “around the world” remain “essential assets to our nation’s security, the protection of the American people and effectively building critical relationships with our foreign partners.”

But in an interview with The ENQUIRER, one law enforcement source, who requested anonymity, says the document proves the FBI — even with its vaunted reputation of hiring only the straightest arrows — isn’t immune to bad actors worming their way into its ranks.

“The whole organization is devoted to the idea that it’s this bastion of integrity staffed with only the most incorruptible people,” says the insider, who has had considerable dealings with the bureau.

“But while the image of any organization is one thing, the reality behind the scenes is quite another. The sad reality of the situation is the FBI is just another organization with flawed integrity and flawed people operating it and these documents prove that!”