Rush Limbaugh is planning to get married for the fourth time on the Fourth of July, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The 58-year-old king of talk radio set the date to make much younger Kathryn “Kate” Rogers his bride after slipping into a Washington, D.C., wedding when they were in town to take in a Redskins game, say insiders.

“Rush had so much fun at the event, he made up his mind it was time to set the date,” a source close to the right-wing firebrand told The ENQUIRER.

“And with typical Rush flourish, he decided on Independence Day next summer. What better holiday for the conservative voice of the nation to get hitched than July 4th? It’s as American as apple pie.”

Rush – who began dating the blonde West Palm Beach, Fla., event planner two years ago – wed his last bride, Marta Fitzgerald, over Memorial Day weekend in 1994.

That marriage ceremony was held at the Virginia home of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who officiated. Guests included Mary Matalin, James Carville and William Bennett.

The couple split 10 years later after Limbaugh became embroiled in a scandal over his addiction to painkillers.

After The ENQUIRER published a bombshell scoop that Limbaugh had purchased huge quantities of Oxy-Contin and other painkillers from his housekeeper, the radio star was charged with fraud in obtaining multiple drug prescriptions. The charges were eventually dropped in exchange for his getting rehab treatment.

Rush is keeping mum on the upcoming wedding specifics, but this time around he’s convinced the outcome will be different, said the source.

“He’s already joking that the fourth time is the charm, and this wedding is for keeps.”

The bombastic broadcaster believes the September wedding he and Kate crashed is a good omen for their own nuptials, according to the source.

The event was held Sept. 19 at the Hay-Adams hotel, where Rush and Kate were staying.

On his Sept. 21 broadcast, Rush identified the bride and groom as Army Ranger Rick Yost and Heather King, a former Hillary Clinton staffer.

Rush and Kate, 33, were invited to check out the festivities after they hit it off with band members when they were checking in.

“It’s the first wedding I’ve ever crashed, first reception I’ve ever crashed,” he declared.

Now Rush and Kate have their own wedding surprise – they intend to invite the newlyweds to their nuptials.