VANNA WHITE’s 19-year-old son reveals he’s ex­ploring a gay relationship with a Hare Krishna monk who’s 15 years his senior – and the couple is hoping to get Vanna’s blessing!

That’s the bombshell new development in the shock­ing story The ENQUIRER broke last week when we disclosed that the 56-year-old “Wheel of Fortune” beauty was terrified she had lost her son Nicholas to a religious cult.

We disclosed that the University of Arizona student, nick­named “Nikko,” was living with 34-year-old Jaycee Akinsanya in the monk’s small house in Tucson near the university campus.

Now, in an amazing twist, Nikko and Jaycee have come forward to tell their incredible story to The ENQUIRER – saying they have no reason to hide their love and want to publicly disclose their deep feelings.

“Jaycee and I have a special relation­ship,” Nikko proudly declared. “It’s the closest I’ve ever been with anyone. It’s just spiritual and wonderful and there is chemistry – and if there’s sex also, so be it. It doesn’t matter!”

As The ENQUIRER reported, Jaycee had been a monk since he was 18 but left the monastic life when he met Nikko last year. He now reveals that being celibate was too difficult once the handsome college student came into his life.

“In May, Nikko and I went on a road trip and the ashram (spiritual center) just faded away,” Jaycee di­vulged. “I still live the monastic principles – not necessarily the celibacy part – but the Krishna con­sciousness movement deals with consciousness and perceiving God every day.

“I am open-minded. Monks have to be celibate, but I no longer wanted to be a monk, so Nikko and I have other options now.”

In an astonishing disclosure, the couple revealed that in May they went to meet Vanna and her ex-husband, restaurant mogul George Santo Pietro, who is Nikko’s father.

“They are wonderful people,” Jaycee told The ENQUIRER. “We visited them in Los Angeles but we slept in different rooms.”

Nikko interjected: “My parents would not have understood us shar­ing a room. We had to be cool and respectful.”

But now that Nikko is in college and out of the house, Jaycee says it’s the young man’s decision whether or not to continue their relationship.

“If Nikko’s parents asked me to stop seeing him, I would listen to their request and leave it to Nikko to decide,” disclosed Jaycee.

The optimistic pair reveal they would like to have Vanna accept their relationship.

“My mom and dad like Jaycee,” Nikko told The ENQUIRER. “They don’t think he is a demon.

“This is a good example for anyone who is young and trying to explore different avenues in life.

“Our relationship is not sexual in the full sense, but we are very close.

“As far as my sexual preference, I’m undecided. I have had one girlfriend and never had a real boyfriend. We are just happy to be together, loving each other in whatever way possible,” Nikko emphasized. “Gay? It’s possible.”