The NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively reports Democratic VP Candidate Sen. Joe Biden is under attack by the family of a man who was killed in a horrific hit-and-run accident!

The accident involved Sen. Biden’s  brother, Frank.

The daughters of his brother’s victim – a single father who was 37 when he died – claimed Sen. Biden hasn’t done enough to help them to collect $880,000 that his brother Frank owes them from a civil judgment stemming from the fatal accident.

"Sen. Biden claims to look out for the everyday American citizen, but he can’t acknowledge a family that has been personally affected by a member of his family. I’m very disappointed in him," the victim’s daughter, Nicole Albano, 25, told The NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively

Nicole and her sister Lorraina were orphaned on Aug. 14, 1999, when their father Michael Albano was hit and killed by a Jaguar speeding along the Pacific Coast Highway in Cardiff, Calif.

According to San Diego Superior Court records, Frank Biden rented the luxury sports coupe despite the fact his driver’s license was suspended in Florida.

The court file says Biden invited his friend Jason Turton to "test drive" the car in a bid to impress him.

While sitting in the passenger seat, Biden physically shifted the vehicle into different gears until they were traveling at 70 to 80 mph.

After the Jaguar hit Albano, two female passengers in the back seat testified they heard Biden tell Turton to "Keep driving!"

Turton stopped the Jaguar further up the road and fled on foot before returning to the accident site.

He later pleaded guilty to felony hit and run.

Frank Biden is now 53 and works for a humanitarian aid group. He’s never paid a penny of the civil judgment against him from the sisters’ lawsuit.

And despite repeated efforts to contact Senator Joe Biden via e-mail, the Albano family have yet to collect a nickel of the $880,000 owed them from the judgment stemmed from the death of their father.

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