REVEALED! SELENA GOMEZ sought rehab. As The ENQUIRER recently reported in a bombshell EXCLUSIVE, she was caught using drugs months ago!

As reports today circulate that "squeaky clean" pop star SELENA GOMEZ was treated in Arizona rehab clinic Dawn at the Meadows for a two week stint in January, sources say she was “partying very hard”.

And while Gomez’s rep admits the rehab stay, “but not for  substance abuse”, The ENQUIRER  first reported in our Dec 27 2013 issue that she was caught using drugs at a house party in the Hollywood hills last summer.

The ENQUIRER first revealed the former Disney starlet’s struggles in a blockbuster world exclusive with an eyewitness who saw Selena imbibe a “danger drug”.

The eyewitness, who passed a polygraph test, told The ENQUIRER in a searing interview that Selena — who’s been on-and-off with popped brat BF Justin Bieber — had been seen taking an Ecstasy-like derivative,

“I don’t know whether Justin Bieber pushed her to take (it) or whether she started using it through peer pressure,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

 “I didn’t know she took drugs,” the eyewitness said. “But she clearly knew what she was doing. This certainly wasn’t her first time ‘rolling’ (the term users refer to getting high).”

Although Selena’s reps denied that she had ever used the Ecstasy like drug, the recent report also tied her to the drug and the ENQUIRER’s source said: “She ingested less than a gram of the drug in a bottle of water, which is one of the most common ways of doing it.

“She was also drinking. I saw champagne, whiskey and Grey Goose (vodka) at the party.”

Now, as new reports emerge today about Selena’s woes, sadly it’s old news to ENQUIRER readers.