ROBIN ROBERTS may have made her triumphant return to “Good Morn­ing America,” but behind the smiles, the morn­ing show co-host is hiding a secret heartbreak from viewers.

She desperately wants to win back – and marry – her former gay lover, say insiders.

Robin, 52, returned to the ABC show on Feb. 20 after nearly a six-month leave to battle myelodysplastic syn­drome, a debilitating blood condition that required a bone marrow transplant.

Five years ago, Robin beat breast cancer.

Happy to be alive and back on the air, Robin, however, was pining for the lost love of her life, a woman identi­fied in published reports as Storm Sahara. The relation­ship reportedly ended last year.

“Storm didn’t want to be in the spotlight, and the rela­tionship soured,” explained a friend.

“Robin was devastated, but understood why they broke up. Now that Robin has re­covered from her illness, she’s going to try and get Storm back in her life.

“She realized over the course of her illness how much she truly loved Storm and vowed that if she made it through, she would not only rekindle their love – but she would ask Storm to marry her and have a gay wedding.”

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