Uncle Poodle and his fiance Alan Stevenson

The “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” child molestation scandal has dominated headlines for weeks – but the redneck train wreck of a family is hiding an even more horrifying past.

Alan Stevenson, the fiancé of Marvin Lee Thompson – known as “Uncle Poodle” on the axed TLC show – comes from a wildly dysfunctional family plagued with murder, rape and tragedy, The National ENQUIRER has discovered!

In 1991, Alan Stevenson’s father, Dwayne, was slapped with a 30-year jail sentence for murder, The ENQUIRER has confirmed. Dwayne remains behind bars in a Texas prison. What’s more, Alan’s younger half-brother, Mykle Ariq Terry, was imprisoned for rape after being convicted of molesting a female family member under the age of 14. “Like my dysfunctional family, Alan comes from one as well,” said Uncle Poodle – whose niece is cutie Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

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“His dad, the sicko, is going to be in prison for at least the next 10 years,” he added. “Alan can’t remember ever meeting his father and has no plans to do so when he’s 

In another twist, Alan’s older brother, Dwayne Jr., was tragically killed in a car accident in 2012. Uncle Poodle announced his engagement to Alan last September, and at the time, his family nearly disowned him because he was gay. “With his dysfunction and my dysfunction, we are perfect together,” Uncle Poodle said.

“We are able to deal with each other’s issues.” TLC was forced to cancel the hit reality show after it was exposed that family matriarch “Mama June” Shannon, 35, had rekindled her romance with the man who sexually abused her eldest daughter Anna Cardwell, 20.