RANDY TRAVIS didn’t have a chance!

The ENQUIRER learned it came as no surprise to close pals that amphetamine abuse report­edly contributed to his congestive heart failure and the devastating stroke that recently left the coun­try star clinging to life. They reveal that for years he’s been surrounded by people who’ve been busted for drugs – including the lover he calls his “fiancée” even though she’s still married.

“Speed is a big problem with Randy’s family,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

While the nation was focused on the shocking July 16 amphetamine bust of the country star’s younger brother, a blockbuster ENQUIRER investigation discovered that Ran­dy’s live-in lover Mary Beougher also has a major bust for speed on her record.

Mary pleaded guilty in 2003 to us­ing a forged prescription to obtain phentermine, a form of synthetic speed. Randy’s lady – who’s still married to Texas dentist Ritchie Dean Beougher – landed in jail in McKinney, Texas, before posting a $1,500 bond on the felony charge.

Mary was facing heavy prison time – two to 10 years and a $10,000 fine. But after entering a guilty plea, she ended up with a $1,000 fine, three years’ probation and 120 hours of community service.

Last week, in a bombshell exclu­sive, The ENQUIRER revealed that 54-year-old Randy had been pop­ping amphetamines before the early July medical crisis that insiders fear destroyed part of his brain.

“He was drinking heavily and tak­ing speed to help get through his performances without passing out on stage,” disclosed an insider.

It was inevitable he would drown in a sea of drugs, say sources, because am­phetamines were every­where he looked.

On July 16, Randy’s brother Da­vid Brownlow Traywick was busted for the SECOND time for allegedly running a metham­phetamine lab in his Marshville, N.C., home. He was jailed along with his wife Jessica and friend Christina Ma­rie Stegall. All of them were charged with trafficking methamphetamine. David and his spouse were held on a $500,000 bond and Stegall on a $250,000 bond.

But those busts are just the tip of the iceberg. David (who uses the family’s real last name) also had an earlier bust in September 2012 when he was charged with cooking and trafficking in “meth.”

His recent arrest came as the “Three Wooden Crosses” singer, the winner of numerous music awards, recovered from brain surgery in a Plano, Texas, hospital.

Concerned relatives are pointing a finger of blame for Randy’s down­fall squarely at Mary.

The performer’s 19-year marriage to his manager Lib Hatcher ended in divorce in 2010 after she caught him cheating with Mary.

Randy’s father Harold told The ENQUIRER he blames Mary: “Mary got him drinking and drugging again. When he was with Lib, he was clean and sober for 19 years. Mary destroyed my son’s life.”