The ENQUIRER FIRST reported in a world exclusive yesterday that the latest news we’d be revealing about PAULA DEEN is her “worst nightmare” ever!  Now READ THIS bombshell exclusive as another ex-employee TELLS ALL!

ALL hell has broken loose in Paula Deen’s kitchen since The ENQUIRER revealed that she admitted to using the N-word in a recent court deposition.

Paula is taking heat from the back­lash of the shocking racial scandal, and now diabetic Deen is bingeing on fat­tening foods as her life spins wildly out of control. Meanwhile, she’s been fired from the Food Network, her own sons, Bobby and Jamie, have turned their backs on her, and she’s fighting with her brother-turned-business partner for dragging her into this mess in the first place.

The ENQUIRER was the first to reveal the bombshell scandal, which stemmed from a discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Lisa Jackson, a former general manager at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, which Paula co-owns with her brother Earl “Bubba” Hiers in Savannah, Ga.

Now we have the firsthand account from ANOTHER former employee, Renee Mincey McDonald, who claims that the black staff members at Paula’s restaurant, the famous Lady & Sons, were “treated like animals!”

ENQUIRER readers were first introduced to Mincey Mc­Donald in 2011, when she blew the lid off the unsanitary conditions a n d practic­es she observed at the restaurant while employed there as a waitress between 1998 and 2003. She passed a poly­graph test about her allegations.

Mincey McDonald recently spoke with The ENQUIRER again, and she confirmed that Paula DID use the N-word as recently as 10 years ago, and would also “refer to homosexuals as f****ts.”

“N***** was Paula’s favorite word – she used it all the time! I’ve heard Paula specifically say she ‘did not want any n****** working in front of the house as hostesses, waiters or buss­ers,’” Mincey McDonald recalled. “She only wanted them working in the back of the restaurant where the patrons couldn’t see them.

“After finishing the dinner rush on some holidays, such as Easter or Mother’s Day, Paula would lock the restaurant doors and hide money all over the dining room. Then she would bring the all-black kitchen staff in and encourage them to run around and turn the dining room upside down, scrounging for money.

“Paula would just sit back and laugh hysterically, as if her overworked, underpaid employees foraging for money was some sort of circus sideshow. It was completely demoralizing for those people barely making minimum wage, yet Paula  howled as she watched.”

A Deen representative denied that Deen used derogatory terms to refer to black and homosexual employees and that she did not force employees to forage for money.

But the damning allegations  continue to roll in. An attorney for the Rainbow/PUSH  Coalition, a civil rights group founded by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, interviewed current and former restaurant employees after the scandal broke. Multiple employees claimed that Paula and Bubba routinely discriminated against black workers, and a Deen family member reportedly even referred to one black cook as “my little monkey!”

BUT IT’S NOW ALL COMINGhome to roost for the Southern kitchen queen. A source close to her family said the racial scandal

has been “the most devastating crisis to ever strike Paula’s career.”

“Now, her worst nightmare has occurred – it’s tearing apart her family, too,” the source continued. “Even her sons are running for cover. They see her career sinking like the Titanic, and they don’t want her dragging them down with her!”

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