AMERICA’s most in­famous White House intern, Monica Le­winsky is planning to parlay an appear­ance on the makeover reality show “The Swan” into a big comeback that will net her millions, say sources.

Lewinsky is said to be in talks with the return of the controversial FOX show, which turns “ugly duck­lings” into “beautiful swans” and pays for ex­tensive plastic surgery procedures along with counseling, dental work and personal training.

“Monica has big plans – books, speak­ing engagements, a documentary and even a clothing line,” said a close source. “And she wants to look her best for her return to the limelight.”

Prominent plastic surgeons who have studied recent photos of the slimmed-down 39-year-old tell The ENQUIRER that she may have already started on her laundry list of procedures.

Monica – who sources say once crushed the scales at nearly 300 pounds – turned up looking rela­tively svelte at socialite Heather Kerzner’s birthday celebration in London on March 19, joining lumi­naries including royal rebel Sarah Ferguson – better known as The Duchess of York – and her daughters Beatrice, 24, and Eugenie, 23.

Dressed in an all-black outfit, Monica looked so much thinner that pals believe she may have already gone under the knife. And medical experts – who have not treated Le­winsky – agree.

“It appears she lost weight but may also have had surgical procedures to offset the saggy side effects,” Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a prominent cosmetic surgeon from Boston, told The ENQUIRER.

He lists $500 in Botox injections to her forehead, about $1,500 for filler injections in her cheeks, and up to $5,000 for liposuc­tion on her neck, as procedures she may have undergone.

Dr. Michael Diaz, a board- certified plastic sur­geon from Melbourne, Fla., added: “It looks as though she’s had, at minimum, chin liposuction and possi­bly a neck-lift, which would cost about $3,000.”

And celebrity plastic sur­geon Dr. Tony Youn, who has not treated Monica, tallied up what he thought her wish list would be. It includes $25,000 worth of liposuction, another $20,000 to tighten up her skin after the lipo, $2,000 for lip enhance­ment, $1,000 for earlobe shortening, $2,000 in filler injections, a $15,000 tum­my tuck and $10,000 for a nose job.

“ROUND IT OUT WITH CELLULITE treat­ments for $3,000, an arm-lift for $10,000 and facial chemical peels and laser treatments for $2,000,” Dr. Youn told The ENQUIRER.

Monica, whose romps in the White House with then-President Bill Clinton shot her to infamy in the 1990s, has strug­gled with both her weight and finances since then. But, as The ENQUIRER re­ported, she’s looking for a big payday by revealing shocking new secrets about her affair with Clinton in a bombshell new memoir.

Said the close source: “Monica’s attitude now is, ‘Watch out, world! You ain’t seen nothing yet. There’s going to be a whole new me very soon!’”