MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHWLTON Shelton’s troubled marriage exploded right before Christmas, and sources say a bitter di­vorce battle over the pair’s $100 million fortune is set to erupt in 2014.

Country music’s hottest power cou­ple got into a “rip-roaring screaming match” after Miranda demanded that the booze-loving “Voice” star check into rehab. And things got even more heated when Miranda – who recently dropped 30 pounds – threw Blake another curve by balking when he got on her case about having a baby.

“All hell broke loose,” said a source. “Blake said he wanted Miran­da to be pregnant by their third wedding an­niversary in May. He’s sick of waiting. He said if Miranda was a good wife, she’d give him a baby. Miranda shot back, ‘No way – not after losing all this weight!’”

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, Miranda dropped the weight in just three months. Although Miranda de­nied it, friends were whispering that she’d undergone secret gastric bypass surgery to achieve the incredible results.

“Miranda tore into Blake, calling him a ‘stupid idiot’ for thinking that she’d willingly let herself balloon back up after just getting into amazing shape,” said the source. “Then she dropped another bombshell. Miranda told Blake that she won’t even consider bringing a baby into their lives unless Blake goes to rehab to tackle his drink­ing problem.

“She thinks his boozing has reached the crisis point and that he’s totally out of control. Since getting in shape, Miranda doesn’t drink as much. She says now that her ‘booze goggles’ are off she can see what a wreck Blake has become.”

Miranda has also confessed to pals that she’s afraid Blake’s love of the bottle would interfere with his ability to parent – and that he might even endanger the life of their baby, according to the source. “She worries he’d get drunk and then accidentally drop the baby or smother it by passing out on top of it,” the source explained.

Blake regularly tweets about his drinking escapades, includ­ing tasteless jokes about accidentally microwaving his cat because he’s “so drunk.”

And in a Dec. 12 tweet, Blake wrote: “My alcoholism may seriously go to the next level because of this single strand of Christmas lights…I’m WAY too famous for this s***!”

The ENQUIRER reported in September that Miranda, 30, tried un­successfully to push 37-year-old Blake into rehab over fears he’d stray and cheat on her while under the influence or that he’d get into a terrible ac­cident.

“Miranda’s rehab de­mand and refusal to have Blake’s baby was a double whammy,” disclosed the source. “He was so blind with rage that he huffed off screaming that he’s go­ing to lawyer up and protect his assets.”

Together, the two are worth $100 million, but Blake pulls in the lion’s share of the loot these days. He’s country music’s top dog and is also a prime-time star with his $7 mil­lion-a-year gig on the hit NBC singing competition.

“After a lucrative tour, a new album and becoming a huge TV star, Blake’s earning power has explod­ed in the past year,” said  the source. “But Mi­randa doesn’t give a hoot about who makes what. The gloves are off for the divorce battle, and it’s go­ing to get ugly,” the source said. According to the source, Miranda has “a laundry list” of women she fears Blake may have cheated with – and Miranda would try to make him “pay for every indiscretion.”

Among the women on Miranda’s list are singer Cady Groves and Season 3 “Voice” winner Cassadee Pope, who Blake coached. Miranda has also rampaged about her hubby’s close relation­ship with fellow “Voice” judge Christina Aguilera and his obsession with Cher, one of the show’s mentors. Last spring, Miranda told an interview­er that “divorce is not an option,” but friends and family have their doubts that the couple will make it to their third anniversary.

Although Blake recently scoffed on Twitter at divorce rumors, he also said last spring about coverage of his marriage that “I honestly do love it. I just know, to that kind of coverage, if I’m popular enough they want to put me and Miranda on that stuff – that’s awesome.”

“The way things are going,” added the source, “this might be their last Christmas together.”