MILEY CYRUS is “thisclose” to dragging boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger into a dark and depraved drug-filled world, sources told The National ENQUIRER – and his Kennedy clan mother, Maria Shriver, is furious! 

As a video and stills obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER depict, twerking sensation Miley lit what an eyewitness described as a joint while Patrick sidled up to her in a West Hollywood nightclub on Jan. 24.

“When Maria saw the video she was aghast, then exploded in red-faced rage that her clean-cut son was captured in such a compromising position,” claimed a Kennedy family insider. “He seemed totally accepting and unfazed as she went about doing her druggie thing.

“It would be an understatement to say Maria’s worried sick over this girl, whom she charitably describes as ‘trashy,’ and the bad influence she’s having on her beloved boy. She feels it’s just a matter of time before Miley drags him down the same twisted path.”

Maria is well aware of her Kennedy cousins’ battles with substance abuse, so “Patrick is playing with fire being around someone as combustible as Miley!” added another Kennedy source.

The video was taken at the On The Rox nightclub and shows the former Disney star bending over in a pair of short shorts to pick up a candle to light up just as Patrick, in profile, comes into view. The 22-year-old singer was indeed toking up, according to an eyewitness.

“It smelled like a joint,” revealed the witness. “And if you look at how thick the smoke is, it’s clearly not a cigarette.”

The same source noted that college student Patrick, 21, was not seen smoking the joint, but was observed knocking back a few drinks with Miley.

Miley was caught in another drug scandal, as reported by The ENQUIRER in our Jan. 12 issue. The pop star was photographed in her drug den surrounded by marijuana and white powder.

Meanwhile, Maria is set to intervene, in hopes of convincing Patrick to dump Miley, said the family friend.

“She worries that should Patrick have any political aspirations down the road, being known as ‘Miley’s boyfriend’ could be a real detriment to his chances,” the Kennedy friend fretted.

“Maria fears Miley’s reckless behavior on the drug front is bound to get her, or them both, busted. It’s not a matter of if, but when. And then Patrick’s goose will REALLY be cooked!”