President Obama’s Christmas has turned into the holiday from hell after a furious First Lady Michelle discovered his secret love nest!

In a White House world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has learned the couple’s marriage may end in divorce before Barack finishes his second term.

“Michelle found out about his secret love nest and exploded in fury!” a White House insider told The ENQUIRER. “Despite the happy public face the family is putting out, it’s created the holiday from hell!

“In early December, Michelle confronted Barack about a secret location he’s been using to meet up with women. She verbally ripped him to pieces. Barack didn’t have much of a comeback. He knows he’s been ratted out.”

Multiple insiders confirmed to The ENQUIRER that Obama’s secret love nest is the swanky Jefferson Hotel, located a few blocks from the White House. “The ‘commander-in-cheat,’ as he’s known at the place, comes and goes so frequently that some hotel staffers call the door he uses the ‘Barack entrance,’” the insider 

“It’s easy for the president to get to and best of all, it has a secret entrance so he can come and go discreetly,” the insider divulged.

“The hotel’s private wine cellar features a door used for inconspicuous egress.”

According to the hotel’s website, the deluxe suites “afford city views of Washington, D.C.,” and they feature Italian marble bathrooms! 

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Michelle discovered the Secret Service had been covering up for her husband’s unfaithfulness.

Added the source: “You can bet after learning about his love nest that Michelle will be filling his Christmas stocking with coal – but better that than divorce papers.”