NOTORIOUS womanizer MATT LAUER is caught up in a new scandal over his wandering eye – this time it’s because of a 20-year-old college coed!

The ENQUIRER has learned the 55-year-old “Today” show host is “ob­sessed” with gorgeous Johns Hopkins University student Lucie Fink. He’s reportedly been sending her flirty texts and even whisked her away to a swanky New York City hotel for lunch, all apparently behind the back of his wife Annette Roque.

Lucie has made several appearances on “Today” over the past 15 months to discuss social issues – and she’s been interviewed by Matt four of those times.

Meanwhile, the hottie appeared in the July 7 issue of “Cosmo” magazine, wearing a sexy bikini and she boasts on her blog that she “wants to be famous.” She’s also gushed about her relationship with Matt, ac­cording to the source who saw the post: “Just ate lunch alone with Matt Lauer at the Four Seasons Hotel’s restaurant in NYC,” she recently posted. “He is SO nice…my new mentor :)”

But a friend of the pretty coed, who is working as an in­tern at a New York ad agency, says Lucie’s being naive if she can’t see Matt’s true intentions.

“She’s going into this com­pletely blind and innocent,” the friend revealed. “She thinks Matt just wants to be her mentor.”

The friend, however, specu­lated that “he wants to bed her. And Lucie is clearly flat­tered by the attention, making a point to note that Matt took her ‘alone’ to lunch.”

Lucie has also shared flirty texts that sources confirm Lucie believes came from Matt, advising her not to wear skimpy denim “Daisy Duke” shorts on the show.

“You can argue that is really not appropriate be­havior from a married man who’s supposed to be mentoring a young girl. Or in good taste!” a source said.

“It’s apparent Matt’s thinking about her wearing sexy clothing.”

In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, Lucie’s father, veteran New York disc jockey Jim­my Fink, insisted that Matt’s deal­ings with his daughter have been “professional and appropriate.”

“Lucie has a steady boyfriend and sees Matt as someone who’s trying to help her,” Fink said. “My wife and I couldn’t be more thankful for his help and support.” He added that a family friend, who is a “Today” show produc­er, arranged the lunch.

But an insider at the “Today” show believes that ladies’ man Matt is up to his old tricks.

The father of three has a long history of cheating scandals. Just two years after their 1998 wedding, Annette, 47, learned that Matt had an affair with married 26-year-old Jessica Thorman while they were engaged.

And in 2006, while pregnant with the couple’s third child, Annette filed for divorce amid rumors that Matt had been involved with “Today” colleague Natalie Morales during the coverage of the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

Annette withdrew the paperwork a month later.

“Matt’s a hound dog,” said the insider. “The word is he’s ‘obsessed’ with this cute college kid, who keeps getting invited back to appear on set with him.

“Even if nothing physical has hap­pened between them, Annette will be furious to hear the rumors.”

And so will NBC execs, says the insider.

“Matt’s already on thin ice,” the in­sider added. “He’s enemy No. 1 as far as the public is concerned after forc­ing out Ann Curry. And Ann initially tried to exact revenge by telling ‘Today’ bosses that Matt was a snake with a wandering eye. She told them what she knew of the rumors about Matt and Natalie as well as those of his flirta­tious relationship with a former blonde intern who worked for the show.

“Meanwhile, the ratings are in the toilet, the show’s in turmoil and Matt seems to be skirt-chasing again.

“A cheating scandal is all he needs right now to get him tossed out of here for good.”