Exclusive! L’Wren Sis Damns Mick Jagger!


MICK Jagger has quickly found new satisfaction with a stunning brunette ballerina who’s 43 years his junior!

“I’m not surprised he’s with another woman already,” Jan Shane, the sister of Mick’s late lover, designer L’Wren Scott, in an exclusive interview, told The National ENQUIRER. “A leopard doesn’t change his spots. Perhaps she is helping him through his grieving process.”

Even more shocking, The ENQUIRER has learned that Mick’s new tryst may have been ignited weeks soon after L’Wren tragically hanged herself in her New York condo on March 17.

When asked to comment on that, Jan told The ENQUIRER, “Nothing would surprise me about Mick. I don’t know if my sister knew about this other woman or not.”

The wrinkly rocker, 70, was photographed June 7 on the balcony of his hotel room in Zurich, Switzer- land, with Melanie Hamrick.

At 27, the leggy beauty is just six years older than Mick’s granddaughter Assisi, 21, who gave birth to his first greatgranddaughter in mid-May. Mick and Melanie reportedly started up Feb. 24 at a Tokyo stop on the Stones’ “14 On Fire” tour. The photos show the odd couple looking like they’d just rolled out of bed with Melanie, a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, wearing a loose-fitting man’s T-shirt, as she affectionately kisses Mick’s head.

“Mick was smitten with Mel,” said a source close to the musician. “And she certainly helped him get over the death of L’Wren by offering him some loving comfort!”

While the new romance seems to have delighted the still-randy septuagenarian, L’Wren’s family is not as hot on his latest hookup. “It’s a terrible thing for Mick to have done,” Jan said in an interview.

“His life goes on as if nothing happened. But a huge part of our family is missing.” She added: “I have nothing to say to him. He has to live with himself.”

When asked if she thought L’Wren’s 13-year relationship with Mick helped push her sister to suicide, she offered a terse, “No comment.”

Melanie, a Williamsburg, Va., native, had been living in New York, where she was often seen with 20-years-older former fiancée and Cuban classical dancer José Manuel Carreño. The couple called it quits in February.

“Melanie came along at the right time for Mick,” said the source. “He was bereft after the death of L’Wren and when his granddaughter gave birth, he felt really over the hill!”

The ENQUIRER recently reported that Mick has made it clear to NOT address him as “great-granddad.”

“He hates it,” said a source close to the Rolling Stone. “He goes into a rage if you call him that. “Melanie’s made Mick feel young again,” said the source.