As longtime Scientologist LISA MARIE PRESLEY amps up for her upcoming national tour, she’s cutting ties with the controversial church, say sources.

Elvis’ little girl, now 44 and a mom of four, is set to hit the road in support of her latest album, “Storm & Grace,” which insiders say contains songs critical of Scientology.

“Lisa Marie removed all mention of Scientology from her website, and the lyrics to some of her songs have caused major speculation that she’s cut off all communication with the church,” revealed a source.

On one album track, she sings about being “transgressive” and “suppressive” while asking: “Am I a disruption to your corruption?”

Sources familiar with Scientology explain that that “transgressives” and “suppressives” are code words for negative people who are enemies of the church.

Insiders say there's concern among Scientology leaders that Lisa Marie's departure from the church will spark other celebrity defections from ranks that include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis and Kirstie Alley.

“I think Kirstie has one foot out the door, and Kirstie and Lisa are two hearts with one beat," maintained "Californication” actor Jason Beghe, former Scientologist and critic of the church.

The source added: “Lisa Marie has a long history with the church and that’s why she's not talking publicly about it. She’d rather focus on herself, her family and her music.”

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