OUTRAGED animal welfare activists – including The BIRDS star scren legend Tippi Hedren – are blasting Kirstie Alley for keeping exotic ring-tailed lemurs as pets on her California estate!

The 62-year-old “Fat Actress” star has at least nine of the monkey-like animals in a large metal cage on the lawn of her Los Feliz home.

She says they are well-fed and maintained at a cost of about $40,000 a year and cared for by two keepers.

But incensed experts say the endangered species belongs in the wild.

“These creatures need to be in their natural habitat – and I would tell Kirstie that myself,” actress and animal rights activist Hedren told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

“We cannot give wild animals the one thing that they need.”

The 83-year-old star of the Alfred Hitchcock classic “Marnie,” who funded a California animal refuge habitat, calls Kirstie “irresponsible” and fears others who cannot afford to properly care for the animals may copy her.

 “She is setting a bad example,” said Hedren, who also co-authored the Big Cats and Safety Protection Act.

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