HOT on the heels of two women revealing they had steamy affairs with KHLOE KARDASHIAN’s husband, the devastated reality star has been hit by a new bombshell.

The ENQUIRER has learned that Khloe believes basketball player LAMAR ODOM may have cheated on her with up to 50 women in the past four years. And she suspects her skirt-chasing hubby has been unfaithful every time he hit the road since their September 2009 mar­riage, say sources.

“Khloe’s head is spin­ning trying to calculate just how many times Lamar cheated on her,” said a family insider.

“She fears that every time Lamar was out of her sight, he may have turned to other women for companionship.”

Even worse, Lamar has allegedly boasted about his conquests.

“Lamar bragged to pals that he was even more virile than his idol – serial cheater Tiger Woods,” said a source.

A distraught Khloe knows all about Lamar’s wicked ways because she employed private investigators to keep tabs on him, divulged the insider.

“They’ve turned over hundreds of pages of descriptions of Lamar flirt­ing with random model-types in bars, getting services from strippers and leaving bars and restaurants with drop-dead gorgeous women.

“By Khloe’s estimation, Lamar may have hooked up with at least one woman every week he was traveling – some 50 women.”

As The ENQUIRER previously revealed, Khloe, 29, is said to be on the verge of a breakdown, crying hysterically as her mar­riage crumbles.

Recently the shaky marriage has been battered by two cheating scandals in four months, involving women who claimed af­fairs with the 33-year-old NBA player.

Lamar reportedly met Jennifer Richard­son, 29, in January 2012, at Stadium Club in Washington, D.C., and carried on an af­fair with her until March 2013.

On June 2, the day Khloe’s sister Kim held her baby shower, La­mar allegedly began a six-week romance with 27-year-old Los Ange­les-based attorney Po­lina Polonsky.

Both Polina and Jen­nifer claim Khloe knew about their relation­ships with her husband.

But despite Lamar’s repeated infidelities, said the insider: “Khloe has refused to kick him to the curb because she is damaged and needy.”

Sadly, Khloe should have seen the heart­break coming. In the weeks prior to her wedding, Lamar was seeing at least three different women.

The morning of their wedding, he flirted with a blonde at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. And just days after he wed Khloe, a report surfaced that Lamar had been cheating on ex-girlfriend Lara Manoukian during their seven-year relationship.

“Lamar’s cheating is out of control,” said the insider. “The multiple affairs and countless women have been a horrible hu­miliation for Khloe and her whole family.”