The ENQUIRER reports exclusively John Edwards‘ mistress is writing a tell-all book — now that her hush money man has died.

Rielle Hunter aka Lisa Druck the 44 year-old divorcee, former videographer  and mother of Edwards’ love child plans to publish the bombshell tell-all only if the "hush money" she’s been receiving ends, sources reveal.

Fred Baron, the wealthy Dallas ex-trial lawyer and former fiancé chairman for Sen. Edwards failed presidential bid died Halloween Eve, Oct. 30, from complications of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.  Baron had admitted paying Hunter’s bills and also those of Andrew Young, another Edwards’ crony who claims the baby is his.

Now that Baron is dead, Rielle, who has no job not source of income, realizes her serial payments could end unless Edwards makes them directly — which so far he has refused.

Edwards did admit their affair publicly in a sensational interview on ABC’s 20/20 that he lied to America while running for president.  Edwards only confessed to the Hunter affair after the Enquirer revealed his on-going affair and released spy photos of him with their baby. 

As the ENQUIRER previously revealed, as part of the Edwards cover-up, Rielle was receiving $15,000 a month which continued long after the Edwards affair was exposed.

Despite denying the baby’s child as his own, Edwards has visited the child on numerous occasions.  Rielle has told close friends that Edwards is indeed the father of the child and multiple occasions and that she never had a sexual relationship with Andrew Young.

Before his death Baron insisted the money he funneled to both Hunter and Young came from his personal funds and that he did not inform Edwards he was helping the two. 

Now Rielle is writing an explosive tell-all memoir that blow the lid off the whole steamy affair and cover-up – a book that could keep her and her love child rolling in greenbacks for years to come.

"Rielle views the book as her personal insurance policy," an insider divulged.

"She’s been keeping a journal since she began her affair with John."

What?  No video?!