Exclusive! Jessica Simpson’s Terrifying Collapse


“Boobs on a stick” 94 pound JESSICA SIMPSON’s extreme diet has pals and docs fearing the worst!

JESSICA has suffered a terrifying collapse , say sources – and friends, family and a top medical expert fear the blonde beauty’s drastic 70-pound weight loss may be putting her health at risk.

The 5-foot-3 star has slipped below 100 pounds, say insiders, who fear she’s gone overboard to get in shape for her July wedding.

And Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of “The Hamptons Diet,” declared: “She looks ridiculous at this point – boobs on a stick! “Her weight loss is unsustainable. Heart attacks can occur very easily in this situation.”

Disclosed a family insider: “Jessica’s extreme dieting has caught up with her. “She’s been focused on whittling her body down to squeeze into a size 0 wedding dress. She weighs about 94 pounds, and she’s subsisting on golf ball size portions of nuts, quinoa and skinless chicken.

“On top of that, she’s been exercising like a mad woman. She does circuit training in the morning and power walks up to two hours a day. “

Jess claimed she hit her target of 110 pounds last March, but she hasn’t stopped losing weight. Some of her loved ones worry she’s starving herself.”

Sources say the star’s extreme regimen took a scary toll June 8, following her bachelorette party at Warwick nightclub in Hollywood.

Shocking video footage shows the entertainer, 33, wobbly on her feet and being supported by her fiancé Eric Johnson, 34, and several female friends. “Jess was completely out of it,” revealed the insider. “Her eyes were glazed over, her hair was a rat’s nest and she needed two or three people to help her walk.

“At her bachelorette party, she barely ate. After several drinks, she complained that she felt dizzy.

“Later that night as she was getting ready for bed, Jess called out to Eric that she didn’t feel well. She mumbled something about needing to lie down and catch her breath – and then she just crumbled like a house of cards!

“Luckily, she was standing next to her bed, which cushioned her fall. But it was really scary. The next day she joked that she simply had one too many.” Dr. Pescatore, who has not treated Jessica, warned, “Passing out is a direct result of blood sugar or low blood pressure, which affects her adrenal gland and her pancreas, which could then lead to diabetes.”

Once pin-up perfect as Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie “The Dukes of Hazzard,” the mother of two has complained that pregnancy had left her breasts sagging and her belly bloated. She got back into shape as a Weight Watchers spokesperson, but now sources say that Eric has joined those who feel she’s developed a weight loss obsession.

“Eric fears that Jessica is starving herself,” said the insider. “He warned her that he won’t hesitate to pull the plug on their wedding unless she gains at least five pounds immediately!”

“Jess is stressed to the max,” said the insider. “She is overwhelmed with planning the wedding, running her fashion empire and squeezing in her all-important workouts.”