The parents of ROSIE O’DONNELL’s sexy new lover Michelle Rounds are devastated that their beautiful daughter has hooked up with the outspoken lesbian talk-show host.

What’s more, the ultrac­onservative couple from up­state New York say Rosie’s a liar for claiming they’ve met her – and, even worse, they didn’t know their 40-year-old daughter was gay until Rosie publicly proclaimed the two had fallen head over heels in love.

“It totally hit us out of left field,” Michelle’s father Roger Rounds divulged in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview. “We only found out about Michelle liking girls when all this came out about them a few weeks ago. It’s been hard to take!”

During an Oct. 11 interview with Howard Stern on his Sir­iusXM radio show, Rosie, 49, boasted that she was considering getting mar­ried to Michelle and that she’d already met the beautiful IT headhunter’s parents.

But Michelle’s father says that’s a big FAT lie!

“I’ve never met the wom­an – and I have no real desire to at this point!” Roger fumed.

Although he admitted that Rosie HAD met his wife Gayla, he insisted that he has not and that Rosie has never been to their home in rural Addison, N.Y.

“This has been a painful experience for me and my wife,” he continued. “We’d always held out hope that Michelle would eventually find a nice guy to marry, settle down and have kids.

“And now this – it’s pret­ty shocking stuff for us to digest.”

Michelle’s parentsare known to be deeply religious and have “tradi­tional family values.”

“Michelle’s mom and dad will never accept this,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER. “And this news isn’t going over well with the rest of the family either.

“They’re ALL shocked and embarrassed.”

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