ROB WILSON…come on down! You’re the first-ever male model on “The Price Is Right” AND he dishes all the DEETS to THE ENQUIRER!

The handsome 24-year-old Bos­ton native, who received the most fan votes in an online contest af­ter an open casting call in August, tells The ENQUIRER he never would have broken the show’s gender barrier if it hadn’t been for host Drew Carey.

“It was the producers’ idea to do a competition and bring a male model into the mix, but they never could have done it if Drew wasn’t on board, and he’s been amazing,” Rob said. “He’s the man! He’s so cool and so funny and so supportive.”

The sexy underwear model, who has a serious girlfriend, is a popular figure in the gay commu­nity, like many other straight models and movie stars. And it doesn’t both­er him a bit!

“I think it’s great that we’re ca­tering to everybody, not just one specific group,” said Rob. “You couldn’t pay for this kind of public­ity. It’s just kind of blown up beyond anything I could have imagined!”

Adding a man to the cast of beauti­ful female models was not just good for Rob’s career, it was also a shrewd move for producers, says Michael Musto, columnist for New York’s “Village Voice.”

“This is great and it’s hormonal!” Musto, who is openly gay, told The ENQUIRER. Musto thinks a taste of beefcake is long overdue – for both the female and gay audience mem­bers.

“Rob has appeared on many popu­lar gay websites in the past year, and the gay community has definitely taken notice,” Musto added. “The show has a large gay audience to ap­peal to, and the producers are finally recognizing that.”

While Rob was only hired for a week-long stint beginning Oct. 15, he’s keeping his fingers crossed that it will turn into a permanent gig.

“I hope that the producers will bring me back,” he said. “I would love to keep working on the show as a regular model, but we’ll see what happens.

“I’m just going to give it my all and do the best job I can.”