A shocking porn scandal that devastated the “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” family has resurfaced to send shock waves through the hillbilly clan!

In a tearful plea, Michael Ford, the disgraced father of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s half sister, is begging to be al­lowed to see his daughter and branding redneck family matri­arch June “Mama” Shannon a barefaced liar!

But as The ENQUIRER previ­ously revealed, Ford is a registered sex offender once charged with sex­ual exploitation of a minor over the Internet!

Ford was arrested in 2005 after he contacted an under­cover officer who was posing as a 13-year-old girl in an online chat room. Thinking he was talking to a minor, Ford explained how to perform oral sex and sent a naked picture of his private parts. He then arranged a place to meet for sex, where he was arrested.

He later pleaded guilty to violating Georgia’s Comput­er Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act of 1999 and served more than two years in prison.

Now, Ford insists he’s remorse­ful about his crime. And exclusively in The ENQUIRER, he has penned an open letter to his estranged 15-year-old daughter, Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon, asking her to get in touch with him. He says he desperately wants his parents to meet their granddaughter – who stars on the hit TLC reality show – be­fore they die.

But Jessica’s mom June claims that Ford only wants to see his daughter now that she’s “famous.”

“He hasn’t wanted to deal with Jessica for 15 years, and all of a sudden, the show comes out and he’s father of the year,” June scoffed.

Ford, 35, shot back: “June’s lying. I’ve tried to be a responsible father all along.”

Ford, who lives in Cleveland, Ga., maintains that he’s been paying child support since 2004 and still hasn’t been allowed anywhere near his daughter since 2005.

“Last November, June told me if I tried to come to the house to see Jessica, she’d have me arrested for ha­rassment!” he recalled. “I was shocked to see Jessica on television the night the show premiered, but when I tried to see her the next day, I was told, ‘If you want to see your daughter, turn the television on Wednesday nights.’

“Let me tell you, it hurts.”

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” premiered to huge ratings on Aug. 8 and hasn’t slowed down since. It chronicles the day-to-day happenings of 7-year-old Alana and her gas-passing, coupon-clipping family.

Ford is desperate to see his daughter and says if he had a chance to speak to Jessica, he’d tell her: “Honey, your dad messed up, but I’ve done my time. Despite what you have been told, I’ve always tried to be with you.

“I’d like you to meet your grandpar­ents before they pass on. If I had the money for an attorney, I’d fight to get visitation with you, but I don’t.

“Your mom thinks I want to see you to get money from you, but I don’t want money – I just want to spend time with my baby girl, so you can get to know me and my family. Nothing could make me happier. I love you.”