“American Pickers” star FRANK FRITZ can’t STOP the feeling ANY MORE!

Fritz is speaking out publicly about his 25-year struggle with Crohn’s disease.

The chronic form of inflammatory bowel disease affects up to 700,000 Americans and often requires frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom.

Fortunately for Fritz, the production company for “American Pickers” has provided him with a motor home so he can make pit stops whenever Crohn’s calls.

“Crohn’s and travel is all about management,” said Fritz, 47,who’s on the road up to 175 days a year.

“My entire crew knows about my Crohn’s. They understand it when I need a break. I mean, if I have to go, I have to GO!”

Fritz and his partner Mike Wolfe have captivated America by finding treasure in other people’s junk as they crisscross the country. But life on the road isn’t easy for Fritz, who gets up early to take care of his bathroom business so he’s ready to film when the cameras start rolling.

“I think worrying about finding a bathroom, or making it to the bathroom, is one of the hardest parts of living with Crohn’s,” he explained. “My second biggest fear is that I make it to the bathroom but it’s locked because someone’s in there. That’s the worst!”

Fritz has piled up a $3 million fortune and a collection of 60 motorcycles thanks to the History Channel series. Meanwhile, he spreads Crohn’s awareness through magazine interviews and appearances at seminars.

“If I met someone today who was just diagnosed with Crohn’s, I’d say, ‘Get out of the house!’ ” he noted. “We can’t let Crohn’s stop us.”