Pals pray for MARY TYLER MOORE as grim new details emerge in a shocking ENQUIRER exclusive.

TYLER MOORE’s marriage has exploded amid two stunning 911 calls that sent police racing to the beloved TV legend’s Connecticut mansion in January on “domestic incident” crises!

The shocking episodes follow seven other 911 calls since May 2012 made from the $12 million Green­wich estate Mary, 77, has shared with her husband, 59-year-old Dr. Robert Levine.

Police classified the first “domes­tic incident” on Jan. 19 this year as “nonviolent.” But four days later, three police units rushed to the couple’s home at 3:53 p.m. and encountered a “verbal dispute” be­tween Mary and her husband, ac­cording to the officers’ report. Police said Levine “made a (veiled threat) vail treat (sic) as he laft (sic) the house and drove away in his car.”

A friend of the actress told The ENQUIRER: “This is the time in her life when Mary should be enjoying her final days in peace with a loving partner. But Robert seems to have washed his hands of Mary.”

Mary became an enduring Hol­lywood favorite with her Emmy-win­ning roles in the ’60s sitcom, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and her “Mary Tyler Moore” show in the ’70s.

But behind the scenes, she’s bat­tled diabetes for four decades and suffered a host of other medical issues which sources say took a terrible toll on her May-December marriage to cardiologist Levine.

“Robert simply got tired of be­ing Mary’s nursemaid,” revealed the friend. “They’ve had blowout fights over whether she should live in an assisted care facility, but Mary re­fuses to leave her house. Meanwhile, they stopped sleeping in the same bedroom years ago.”

While neither has filed legal separation or divorce papers and a friend of Levine’s denied that they are separating, Mary apparently  wanted to boot Levine out of their home.

“Wife states her estranged husband is refusing to leave house. She states he co-owns the home but normally does not reside there,” says the Jan. 19 police report.

Tragically, the two “domestic inci­dent” calls are just the most recent in a string of 911 emergencies at Mary’s home. Police reports show they’ve responded for breathing problems and crippling falls, among other things, over the past two years. Her injuries included a broken col­larbone and fractured ribs as well as a badly damaged shoulder and nasty lump on her face, and once she was found semiconscious, ac­cording to a police report.

“It’s bizarre to me that she’s had so many falls and so many 911 calls, considering her ability to afford the best in-home medical care,” said Dr. Max Lebow, medical director of Reliant Immediate Care Medical Group in Los Angeles, who has not treated Moore. “I don’t understand why her caretakers aren’t preventing these falls.”

When The ENQUIRER contacted Mary’s husband on Feb. 3, a friend spoke for Levine, saying: “In regard to two recent ‘domestic inci­dents,’ it should be made abso­lutely clear that Robert never threatened Mary. Robert loves Mary deeply…and any claims that he in any way has hurt his wife are outrageous and false.”

Still, sources say the last time Mary appeared happy was last April when she filmed an episode of the TV Land sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” with her “MTM” co-stars Betty White, Clo­ris Leachman, Georgia Engel and Valerie Harper, who’s battling terminal brain can­cer.

 “For a few fleeting hours, Mary was in her element – in character and making people laugh,” said the friend. “Now, we’re praying for her.”