Twenty years after her brother Ron’s brutal murder, Kim Goldman still dreams of torturing O.J. SIMPSON – and kill­ing him! In fact, she very nearly did!

In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Kim revealed that she came horrifyingly close to actu­ally bumping off Simpson one year after the former NFL great was found not guilty of slaughtering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

“In 1996, (Simpson) walked in front of me while I was driving my car,” Kim – author of the just-published memoir, “Can’t Forgive: My Twenty-Year Battle with O.J. Simpson” – told The ENQUIRER.

“I thought, ‘I can kill him, right here, right now.’ I never thought ‘avenger’ and ‘assassin’ were words to describe me, but in that mo­ment, they were.”

Enraged, Kim revved her  car’s engine, preparing to send it rock­eting into Simpson. But she just couldn’t do it.

“At my core, I am not a violent human being,” said Kim, 43. “Still, if I could have run him over with­out ever being found out, I would have done it. But I knew that was never going to happen.

“I am not a killer, and he is. I think he is a murdering, narcis­sistic sociopath. I have appropriate hatred toward the man who stabbed my brother in the heart and left him for dead!”

Yet she admits in her book that she still dreams about reaping vengeance on Simpson.

“I still dream about torturing him,” she writes. “My mind can take me to some very dark places, and that scares me…I still experience in­tense, immeasurable anger. I also let myself daydream of killing the beast that destroyed my brother’s future.”

After Simpson was charged with the June 1994 murders of her brother and Nicole, Kim attended every day of his “Trial of the Cen­tury” and admits the stress nearly drove her to suicide.

“I wanted to be done with the pain, the struggle, the constant ache that plagued me,” Kim – an advocate for victims’ issues and head of a nonprofit that provides help to troubled teens – the SCV Youth Project – writes in her book.

“But every time the suicidal thoughts would pop into my head, all I could think of was my dad. The image of seeing my father broken down, paralyzed with sadness, was more than I could take.”

When the sensational trial ended with Simpson’s acquittal, Kim admits she was stunned.

“I was shocked,” she told The ENQUIRER. “I felt furious and be­trayed. I remember think­ing, ‘How could the jury do that to us?’

“The evidence proved that he killed Ron and Nicole.

“But because of who the killer was and his ‘Dream Team’ of attorneys, noth­ing could penetrate that jury.”

During the trial, Kim was dating then-first lady Hillary Clinton’s makeup artist, and he conveyed messages from her.

“Hillary was glued to the trial,” Kim told The ENQUIRER. “She told my boyfriend, ‘Make sure the Goldmans know that I’m sending my best.’

“She always asked about our well-being and talked about her sympathy for our family.

“When we met them, President Clinton said he was proud of the way that we handled ourselves.”

After Simpson’s acquittal in crimi­nal court, the Goldman and Brown families sued him in civil court, winning $33.5 million in damages. They’ve received less than 1 percent of the award, but Kim says she’ll continue hounding Simpson for money.

“When will we stop? Never!” she vowed to The ENQUIRER.

“We didn’t want to get rich from it. We wanted him to be­come a leper because we were making his life miserable.

“If I don’t pursue it, if I walk away from the judgment, that’s letting him off the hook. We may never collect anything, but I certainly made his life hell.”

Kim admits that  she rejoiced when Simpson was convicted of rob­bery and kidnapping charges in Ne­vada in 2008 after he tried to reclaim sports memorabilia.

“I got to see karma in its most beautiful form,” she said. “I will never forget the pure joy I felt when I saw him in shackles after the news that he had been arrested. Priceless.

“That is the best part of the whole story for me: this a******, who had everything in the world handed to him – natural athletic talent, success­ful career, beautiful women fawning all over him, wealth, status, four chil­dren, cars, homes pensions – risked it all when he killed Ron and Nicole. But then, he blew it all away again after he was given his freedom, by stealing a frickin’ football jersey. It was beautiful.”

After Simpson was sentenced to jail, Kim couldn’t resist sending him a mocking card that read: “Congratu­lations on your new home. Hope you enjoy your new digs! From the Goldman family.” Today, a heartbro­ken Kim still refuses to use Simpson’s name, referring to him as “The Killer.”

“I haven’t used his name in 20 years,” she told The ENQUIRER. “It gives him too much honor and dig­nity.

“For a long time, I wouldn’t even buy orange juice because I couldn’t stand to see those initials on my re­ceipt.”

She once wrote to Simpson, asking to visit him at the prison in Lovelock, Nev. She wanted to see him broken-down and in chains. But his attorney, Yale Galanter, said Kim could visit only if she agreed, in writing, to never tell anyone about the visit. Kim declined, and never saw Simpson.

After The ENQUIRER recently re­vealed that Simpson, 66, suffers from diabetes, Kim joked: “I thought, ‘Care package time!’ I’d like to send him some cookies, sugar and donuts.’”

And she candidly admits: “I’d love to see him die a slow death in prison. Now I just want him to die.”