Exclusive! Hillary’s Deadly Health Secrets


Hillary Clinton could die in office if she wins the 2016 presidential race!

That’s the opinion of top medical experts interviewed by The National ENQUIRER after a blockbuster new book claims the 66-year-old former first lady’s health is dramatically worse than she’s admitted to the public.

According to the book, “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas” by best-selling author Edward Klein, Hillary has covered up heart problems, suffered a series of secret fainting spells, and is disposed to blood clots.

“If she is prone to blood clots, she is at risk for a stroke,” Dr. Gabe Mirkin, author of “The Healthy Heart Miracle” who has not treated the former Secretary of State, told The ENQUIRER.

“Sitting is a huge risk factor for the formation of potentially fatal clots. If she wins the presidency, she’ll be sitting in conferences 24/7, and sitting while flying in planes.

“There are several areas of concern regarding her health, and foremost is that she may suffer a stroke during her term.”

Another expert, board certified interventional cardiologist Dr. Michael Fenster, also told The ENQUIRER: “The repeated episodes of fainting may represent an underlying or undiagnosed condition such as cardiac dysrhythmia which increases her risk of cardiac events such as stroke or heart attack.

“The rigors and pressures of the presidency would aggravate any underlying condition and increase her risk for stroke.”

Hillary’s known history of health woes dates back to 1998 when doctors found a blood clot in her knee. Seven years later, she passed out in full view of the public from a stomach virus. Four years after that, she broke her elbow in a fall, and in 2011, she collapsed while boarding a plane.

As The ENQUIRER has previously reported, a brain cancer scare came to light after Hillary suffered a concussion after fainting in December 2012. Extensive tests revealed a blood clot in a vein between her brain and skull, and doctors dissolved it with blood thinners.

In his book, Klein writes: “She has managed to keep her medical secret out of fear.”

An insider added: “Hillary has survived a brain cancer scare, and suffered blinding headaches, problems with her vision and memory, plus terrifying blackouts.

“Republican strategist Karl Rove had suggested that Hillary’s head injury in 2012 had more serious impact on her health than her team had let on. “It’s clear that if she were to make it to the White House, she could expire before her first term is up.”