Chaz Bono is willing to give up his kidney if it means the difference between life and death for his dying mother Cher, The National ENQUIRER 
has learned.

The heroic 45-year-old gay rights activist and former “Dancing with the Stars” standout – who went through life-changing transgender surgery from 2008 to 2010 to transform from woman to man – is reportedly “grief-stricken” over his mom’s ongoing medical crisis.

After Cher, 68, canceled her recent concert tour because of a “killer virus,” The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed that Cher is in a life-and-death battle with heart, lung and kidney problems. Pals fear she might be dead in the next three months.

Cher’s rep has denied the singer’s death may be 
imminent, but confirmed the superstar’s viral infection 
“affected her kidney function.”

Meanwhile, sources said Chaz has been rocked by Cher’s downward spiral.

“Cher and Chaz have had their issues – sometimes not speaking for weeks because they don’t often see eye to eye – but Cher is all Chaz has,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“And Chaz is willing to give her his own kidney if she needs a life-saving transplant.


“Chaz was still a little girl – then named Chastity – when his father Sonny Bono, died in 1998. He still wrestles with the grief. He doesn’t want to lose his mom and is deeply troubled over her medical issues.”

A top medical expert said should Cher require a new kidney, Chaz could help.

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