NEARLY a decade after “Baretta” star Robert Blake was acquitted of killing his wife, the fam­ily of murder victim Bonny Lee Bakley still aches for jus­tice – and desperately wants to see her now-14-year-old daughter Rose.

“Robert Blake is STILL keep­ing my baby sister Rose from me and my family,” Holly Gawron, Bakley’s older daughter, told The ENQUIRER in an amazingly candid exclusive inter­view. “He is still victimizing us.”

Rose was legally adopted by Blake’s daughter Delinah and her husband Gregg Hurwitz of Los Angeles prior to the sensational 2005 murder trial in which Blake walked away a free man.

Still furious and unforgiving, Gawron told The ENQUIRER: “I still think Robert Blake is responsi­ble for my mother’s death and I will not rest until I have justice!

“My mother worked hard all her life to put food on the table. Now I have no mother, and I have no sister. I haven’t seen Rose since she was one year old. And the only news I’ve gotten about my sister was seeing a picture of her in The ENQUIRER a few years ago.”

Bakley was killed on May 4, 2001 by a gunshot blast to the head while seated in Blake’s car after dining with him at a Studio City, Calif., restaurant. The actor claimed he had left the vehicle just before the slaying to retrieve a gun he had left at the restaurant.

A year later, the former “Our Gang” child star was arrested for the bloody murder, but his gun was determined not to have fired the shots that killed his second wife.

Still, Blake’s troubles were far from over. After his acquittal on criminal charges, he was held liable in civil court for Bonny’s “wrongful death.” In 2006, The ENQUIRER revealed that the 5-foot- 4 actor filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying Bakley’s family a whopping $15 million in civil damages. A re­cent attempt to recover damages resulted in a small settlement.

MEANWHILE, The ENQUIRER has discovered that 80-year-old Blake is trapped in his own “hell” in a small San Fernando Valley apartment, where he dreams of regaining the spotlight.

“I have nobody,” said the feisty star. “I have no agent, I have no publicist and people only see me as a meal ticket because of who I am. I have lots of people who tell me they can represent me. People see I’m vulnerable and they think, ‘I could make a name for myself off him.’ ”

But a distraught Gawron, 33, has no sympathy for Blake and claims he threw away all her mom’s posses­sions – including precious photos.

“Every memory of my mother is gone,” she fumed. “And not a day goes by when we don’t feel the heartbreak.”