The “fix” is in! “DANCING WITH THE STARS” is about to explode in a huge cheating scandal – ABC bosses are terrified a secret campaign is in motion to catapult KIRSTIE ALLEY or KENDRA WILKINSON into the winner’s circle!

In a bombshell revelation, sources charge that the other competitors don’t stand a chance and are literally just going through the motions.

Working hard behind the scenes, heavyweight Kirstie and slender Kendra are mobilizing their fans and contacts to ensure they’ll waltz into the finals on the hit ABC show, claim the insiders.

“Producers have already heard that fans of the two most popular competitors are organizing a big push to dial in thousands of telephone votes for Kirstie or Kendra each week,” a source close to the production revealed.

“Kirstie has the TinselTown power elite votes sewn up, and her status as a beloved Emmy winner on the comeback trail make her a slam-dunk for the finals.

“Her close friends include John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Oprah, the Tom Cruises and the Ted Dansons. The word is already out to vote early and often, and with money like they have, hiring an army of people to make the calls will be an easy task.”

Incredibly, Kirstie also has more than 700,000 dedicated Twitter followers.

“She has been priming her followers,” disclosed the source. “They’ll vote for her in droves. Even if she dances like a camel she could still win it.”

Meanwhile, red-hot “Girl Next Door” Kendra is counting on her own behind-the-scenes army to shoot her to the top.

Perky Kendra – a super-popular “Playboy” Playmate and former Hugh Hefner girlfriend – is one of the E! channel’s favorite reality stars. What’s more, her husband Hank Baskett – a veteran pro football receiver – can count on his NFL fans to vote for her, say sources.

“Her reality TV base, which includes a lot of teens and young females, is one of the strongest voting blocks for ‘Dancing with the Stars,'” explained the source. “And she’ll capture the male vote, too.”

With all their resources and hard work, insiders predict Kendra and Kirstie are sure to crush the rest of the field.

“It’s going to be a horse race between them – but make no mistake, one of these women will trounce the competition,” divulged the source. “The star power of this pair dwarfs the other contestants. And word is spreading that both women were told this BEFORE agreeing to do the show.

“If that’s true, it’s almost like the whole show was staged!”