As a frail MUHAMMAD ALI struggles through his final days, he’s being kept a virtual prisoner in his own home by his wife and only taken out when she wants to make more money, claims the boxing legend’s heartbroken brother Rahman.
“My brother doesn’t speak doesn’t even recognize me,” Rahman, 69, says in an exclusive interview.
“He’s in a bad, bad way.”
But, Rahman charges, it’s not just Ali’s crippling Parkinson’s disease that’s making the 71-year-old champ’s final days a living hell, it’s the boxer’s wife, Lonnie.
“His wife Lonnie and her family are draining him and there’s nothing I can do about it,” said Rahman. “In my opinion Lonnie’s evil.”
Rahman claims that Lonnie, Ali’s fourth wife of 26 years, only married him for his money and is going to make sure his nine children are cut out of the boxer’s will.
He blasted Lonnie as money-hungry, a wife who drags the debilitated champ to humiliating public events just to make more cash.
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