Michael Strahan’s TV career is soaring, but the gap-toothed host of “Live with Kelly & Michael” was shaken by rumors of his beautiful fiancée Nicole Murphy’s flirty behavior with a hot young hunk!


While the former football great is reportedly set to add a gig on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to his ever-increasing workload, his bride-to-be became the subject of Internet rumors that she was getting way too friendly with one of superstar Beyoncé’s backup dancers.

“The first thing Nicole did was tell Michael the story was absolutely not true,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “But certainly Michael was stunned.”

With Michael spending most of his time in New York and Nicole – Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife – based in Los Angeles, the source said, “It’s shocking to him when rumors pop up that she’s flirting up a storm in his absence.”

The ENQUIRER has ALL the details of Nicole’s encounter with the 25-year-old dancer, with one eyewitness remarking that she “hung around like a groupie.”

Michael is a rising star, but is there trouble lurking ahead for the affable athlete? Pick up the latest issue of The ENQUIRER to find out!